Hair Care

Every girl, regardless of the length of her hair, is important to their structure and appearance. Long hair is a woman’s pride and adornment, compared only to gold and precious stones. Hair was sacrificed. Currently, professional care removes split ends from the hair, improves its appearance and structure, and activates growth.

There are a lot of procedures, each chooses what she needs depending on the hair structure, length and desired result.

Pinafores – roasting fire

The procedure is ancient, even the Egyptians knew about the positive effect of open fire on the hair flask. With its help, a deep hair restoration takes place. The head is washed, the hair is treated with a special composition based on keratin, massage is performed, the selected mask and conditioner are applied, and the strands are processed. At the end, they are treated with a special substance. The positive effect is observed from the first time. The effect persists for 2-3 months, the hair bulb is sealed, there are no split ends, brittleness is reduced, there is no porosity, Shine. The result does not depend on the hormonal background. The cost of the service starts from 15 USD.

Happiness for hair

The procedure involves a multi-step care that solves the problems of structural changes in the hair and stimulates the follicles. Relaxing massage accelerates the blood, and with it the nutrients. Of course, the bonus is the removal of fatigue, pinched nerves, headaches. Then the hair is saturated with moisture and melanin. Cortex damage is eliminated, it is responsible for color, strength, elasticity, shape; hair is enriched with protein. Data manipulations are carried out with the help of special serums, masks and gels. For a stable effect, you need a course of 5-6 procedures. One procedure costs about 150 USD. the Effect lasts 3-8 weeks: noticeable growth, Shine, silkiness, smoothness, rich color.

Cryomassage or cryotherapy

Treatment with liquid nitrogen helps to get rid of fat, baldness. Exposure to cold slows down the metabolic process and promotes its active recovery after a while. The founder of this therapy, Dr. Toshimo Yamauchi, in the course of research, he noted that the massage effect of low temperatures has a cosmetological effect. The applicator, soaked in liquid nitrogen, is attached to the rod and each area is treated from 2 seconds to 1.5 minutes, depending on the treatment. To achieve the effect, it is necessary to perform the procedure 3 times a week for 1.5 months. The cost of the service starts from 300 rubles.


The service is aimed at improving the structure of the hair from the inside. A protective film is created on the surface that helps restore water balance and enrich it with vitamins and trace elements. Steps of the procedure: cleaning, application of air conditioner, application of shielding agent, fixing oil. Repeat every two to three weeks. The effect is cumulative. Screening or shining can be colored, with updating the hair color without ammonia paints and colorless (diamond). Creates a visible gloss effect. The price tag ranges from 1000 to 3000 USD.


Sealing hair in a thin film of vegetable cellulose with keratin and protein. The head is washed with a special shampoo. A special solution is applied and warms up. It seals and fills in damaged hairs, the cuticle fits snugly together, and the appearance is transformed. The solution is washed off and the mask is applied. Hair is soft, smooth, voluminous, shiny, protected from the environment. The effect lasts from three to five weeks, and the cost starts from 650 USD.


The hair is treated with a special keratin composition, during which there is a deep recovery. The scales are smoothed, the hairs are saturated with moisture and become less porous. Keratin straightening can be vegetable (protein is synthesized from legumes), natural (from goat hair), synthetic. The effect lasts 4-6 months and costs from 1,700 USD

Nanoplastic hair

The procedure for straightening and improving hair, popular since 2017. The method is similar to keratin straightening, but has a more useful and harmless composition. The product contains natural ingredients. Wheat and silk proteins, vegetable oils, amino acids, collagen, keratin, fill the voids, nourish the hair and straighten it. The head is washed with a special shampoo, dried to a slightly moist state, the composition is applied, combed and left for an hour. Wash off, dry and straighten with an iron. Wash with a sulfate-free shampoo and style. The result is saved for 3-6 months, the cost starts from 4000 USD.

Ozone therapy

Improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolic processes, cells are supplied with oxygen, and also eliminates various skin infections, fungi and bacteria. Injections are made in the problem part of the head. The course lasts from 2 to 10 sessions with breaks of 5 days. Less effective is the external effect when treating hair with a special composition with ozone. As a result, the hair grows faster, becomes thick, elastic and shiny. The procedure is effective in the fight against allopecia. The cost of a session starts from 5000 USD. See recovery your body on 45 minutes.

Botox for hair

The hair structure is updated, a glossy Shine appears, and growth is normalized. Botox is based on oils and vitamins. The procedure can be cold and hot. I wash my head with an activator shampoo from the set, dry it, and apply special products. Masks and conditioners are used to fix the result. The effect is visible immediately and lasts 1-2 months, additional care is required, the cost starts from 2000 USD.


As a result, the hair becomes smooth, shiny, bright. A product is applied that creates a film that retains moisture and protects against aggressive environmental factors. The composition of the product helps to improve the structure of the hair and growth. Stages of the procedure: cleaning, applying to dry hair products and heating under the hood, applying oils, cooling, for gluing scales and lamination. Trichologists are against this procedure, because the balance of water and alkali is disturbed. The procedure is not recommended for those who have long hair, because they are noticeably heavier. The effect lasts 3-6 weeks, the cost starts from 1000 USD.

What procedures you choose depends only on your desire. The main thing is to contact a qualified specialist with good reviews and reputation.