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Tips and secrets taking care of your feet is no less important than your hands and even your face. It’s not just about the aesthetic side of the issue, health comes to the fore. Most of the time, a person’s feet are in closed shoes. No matter how high-quality it is, the skin can sweat and be subjected to friction. This provokes the appearance of an unpleasant smell, calluses, cracks on the heels, fungal infection and ingrowth of the nail. Regular and proper foot and foot care helps to avoid this. Foot and foot care the Importance of foot skin care fungal nails And dry, cracked heels limit a woman’s choice of shoes in the summer.

On the beach or by the pool is also unpleasant to appear in this form. You will not be able to hide the problem for a long time by choosing closed shoes. The condition of the feet will begin to worsen and cause more serious discomfort. There will be an unpleasant smell, itching, pain when walking. In addition, it is possible to join the infection. It is not difficult to avoid the development of such problems. All you need is regular foot and foot care at home. To keep the skin in perfect condition, follow these rules: regular washing. For the procedure, it is recommended to use warm water and a mild antiseptic soap. Feet should be thoroughly wiped. Hydration and nutrition. After washing, it is recommended to apply the cream. You can use any vegetable oil, it is recommended to warm it up a little. Exfoliation is one of the secrets of tender heels. If the skin is in poor condition, you will need to use pumice stone, pedicure acid, or an electric file. For well-groomed legs, it will be enough to use store-bought or self-prepared scrubs. Regular trimming of the nails.

Roughness and corners should be smoothed out with a file. This procedure will avoid the development of such pathology as ingrown toenail. Daily self-examination of the skin of the feet. This will help prevent the development of a fungal or bacterial infection. This recommendation should never be ignored by diabetics. Proper foot and foot care is not possible without a massage. It is recommended to do it before going to bed, using coconut or almond oil. This procedure will help to avoid the development of edema, relax, relieve pain and improve blood circulation. Spa procedures. Softening, relaxing and aromatic baths should be done at least two to three times a week. Control of hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating can be inherited and develop for other reasons. Special foot deodorants help keep the smell under control. These products regulate the activity of the sweat glands and disinfect the skin. Choice of shoes. This is one of the most important points. Shoes should be chosen according to size. As well as comfortable and made from natural materials.Home Beauty skin Care

Model shoes with high heels should be left for special occasions. Foot baths Home baths are an important part of foot and foot care. This pleasant and relaxing treatment will help to soften the skin, relieve fatigue, eliminate unpleasant odors and calluses. In preventive cling, the procedure is performed two to three times a week. If you need to soften the corn, defeat the fungus or cure another disease, you can use the baths daily. Foot baths are Simple but effective recipes: sea salt is used for relaxation and cleansing. One hundred grams of this ingredient is dissolved in two liters of warm water and put your feet down for 15 minutes. Rough skin will be softened by baking soda. In two liters of water, add a teaspoon of powder, liquid soap and ammonia. After the procedure, you can treat the problem areas with pumice stone. Sweating feet will eliminate the oak bark.

It is also an excellent remedy for unpleasant odors. For the procedure, you will need to pour 30 g of bark with two liters of boiling water and leave on a low heat for 10-15 minutes. After the liquid cools down, use it for baths. Recipes for scrubs Proper skin care of the feet can not be imagined without the use of a scrub. This cosmetic product eliminates peeling, softens the roughened epidermis and is an excellent prevention of calluses and corns. It is recommended to use it after baths, but you can also use it while taking a shower.

The product is rubbed into the skin with massage movements, then washed off. Foot scrub you can Buy a ready-made scrub in any cosmetics store. But the product prepared at home will be much safer, healthier and more natural. Such compositions clean the skin well: Coffee. This is one of the most popular compositions. To make it, you need to mix three tablespoons of ground coffee, 10 g of sea salt and cinnamon. At the end, add a little bit of any vegetable oil. Sugar. The composition cleanses and brightens the skin. For cooking, mix 30 g of sugar (you can use regular or brown), 30 ml of natural lemon juice and 30 ml of olive or linseed oil. Orange. Citrus acts like an acid peel, gently removing dead cells. For the procedure, you will need to grind an orange with a peel in a blender. Apply the gruel to the skin and leave for 10 minutes. Then wash off with cool water.

Best nourishing foot creams foot Creams nourish and moisturize the skin. They prevent the formation of cracks, unpleasant odors and destroy bacteria. It is recommended to apply creams after daily hygiene procedures. Only high-quality products can maintain the skin in perfect condition. It is recommended to take care of your feet and feet with the following creams: Scholl Active Repair K+. The cream contains urea and two dozen active ingredients. Eliminates cracks, corns and calluses in just a few days. “Healer Cream with urea”. The composition also contains an extract of oak bark and celandine, tea tree oil, vitamin E. This is one of the best means to soften rough skin. Cream-care for calluses from Natura Siberica. The preparation contains extracts of far Eastern and Siberian herbs.

As well as vitamins, beeswax and D-panthenol. The cream nourishes the skin, treats calluses and relieves inflammation. Cream for foot, “Sophia”. The product can make the skin soft, like a baby’s, thanks to the wax, glycerin, tea tree oil, lanolin, urea and medical leech extract. The cream eliminates dry calluses and helps to heal cracks in a matter of days. Foot cream by Green Mama. The greatest effect of this drug is shown if applied after the application of peels. The cream contains mint, sage and yarrow extracts. As well as menthol, sesame, linseed and cedar oil.

Recipes for home masks Despite all efforts, baths and nourishing creams are not enough to fully care for your feet and feet. Masks prepared at home will help to restore absolute softness to the skin. The following recipes are considered the most effective: Glycerin with yolk. This product should be used by people with very dry and rough skin. To prepare the mask, you will need to heat a tablespoon of honey in a water bath to a temperature of 40 degrees. Add the chicken yolk and 15 ml of natural lemon juice. Then pour 30 ml of glycerin into the mixture and mix.

Fold a piece of gauze in several layers and soak it with the resulting composition. Apply the fabric to the foot, cover with cellophane and insulate. Leave the application for at least one hour. Home foot mask Mask with clay. Moisturizes and cleanses the skin. It is recommended to use in the summer, when a lot of dust and dirt settles on the feet. To prepare the mask, you will need to dilute 25 g of blue clay with water to the consistency of sour cream. Add a few drops of lemon juice and 20 ml of olive oil to the mixture. The resulting paste should be applied liberally to the feet, wrap them in cellophane and insulate. Leave the product on the skin for 40 minutes.

Masks are recommended to be prepared immediately before use. Nutritional mixtures can be left on the skin overnight. The best foot deodorants Are not insured against unpleasant odors and excessive sweating, neither men nor women. In order not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation, it is better to take care of buying a special product for foot care in advance. Such drugs destroy pathogenic microflora, reduce the activity of sweat glands and mask an unpleasant smell. They are produced in the form of aerosol deodorants, creams, talc and gels. The best remedies for hyperhidrosis include the following: Deo-Control from Kalina concern together with Rexona. The consumer can choose a product in the form of cream, gel and aerosol. All products have a deodorizing and antibacterial effect. Scholl Fresh Step. Deodorant eliminates infection and reduces sweating.

Suitable for diabetics. 12 hours from Yves Rocher. The cream has a faint aroma of lavender. Not suitable for people who suffer from a sharp smell of feet. This product refreshes the skin, eliminates sweating and prevents the appearance of fungal infections. Fight against calluses Increased stress and friction of the skin can cause the appearance of calluses. Foot and foot care involves getting rid of this painful formation. To eliminate the build-up, anti-colic patches that can be purchased at a pharmacy help. The most effective ones are: “Sliped”. Removes even calluses that have an internal rod. Compeed. Perfectly copes with wet and dry calluses. Fight against calluses Salicylic patch Leiko. Salicylic acid helps to eliminate calluses. Treatment of heel cracks Cracks in the heels can be formed due to overweight, insufficient hygiene, tight shoes and internal pathologies. To avoid the appearance of wounds that reach the bone, proper care of the legs and feet will help. Dermatologists ‘ tips for restoring skin integrity: Mix ammonia and glycerin in equal proportions. Apply the mixture to the skin after the bath. Repeat the procedure twice a day until complete recovery.

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