SIGNATURE TM Body massage

A unique massage program from UrbanSPA-begins with a relaxing paraffin foot wrap, performed in an exclusive combination of different massage styles with precise adjustment to Your preferences and goals.

Try SIGNATURE TM Body massage to restore strength and rejuvenate your body!

60 min 75 min 90 min
procedure signature body massage SIGNATURE TM Body massage

What is SIGNATURE TM Body massage?

SIGNATURE TM Body massage is the perfect first treatment for exploring the UrbanSPA Wellness Zone, our unique “business card”.
You will get complete relaxation of the body and mind under the hands of an experienced and caring massage master. Best reboot for city life.
You can choose the intensity of the massage – for simple relaxation or for deep training of the muscles. The master is attentive and responsive.
Exclusive combination of different massage styles – all the best of Eastern and Western practices, traditions and modern developments.

SIGNATURE TM Body massage features

You tell the master what result you want to get , and he adjusts his actions to Your needs.
SIGNATURE TM Body massage is a full body massage. The master can focus on the overall relaxing and healing effect – or work out some places That you think require it.
The massage uses a unique combination of different techniques and traditions. The master is well-versed in all the art of massage-and chooses for You exactly the elements that are best suited.

How does SIGNATURE TM Body massage work?

Before you start the massage itself, the master performs a pleasant and relaxing paraffin wrap for your feet.
A warm, warming paraffin wrap perfectly prepares You for complete relaxation, sets you up for the desired relaxed mood.
And now that you are ready, the master starts the massage itself. In total, the procedure can last for your choice of 60, 75 or 90 minutes.
You tell the master what result you want to get , and he adjusts his actions to Your needs.SIGNATURE TM Body massage

Sensations after SIGNATURE TM Body massage
The clamps are removed from the muscles that could have bothered You for a long time – or, conversely, remain unnoticed, habitually not allowing you to move freely.
You feel the activation of the body’s rejuvenation processes – living forces that fill all parts of the body.
The city stresses pass – it’s like a short vacation, restoring Your strength in just a couple of hours, on any day of the week, without flights.
By the way, this procedure is great for recovery after long flights.
Urban Wellness Zone is a LUX class SPA for the most discerning. We do our best to ensure that our beloved clients enjoy the care and relax pleasantly.

You can afford amazing lightness and relaxation thanks to SIGNATURE TM Body-order now!

Urban Wellness Zone
Your SPA comfort zone
Luxury SPA
More than a regular SPA. This is a zone of relaxation and self – care for discerning and successful people who want to retire, relax and enjoy themselves both at the level of consciousness and at the level of the body-down to the smallest cells of the body.

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