Recovery in 45 minutes in SPA

Full-body massage is the perfect treatment to breathe freely in the urban rhythm. 45 minutes that belong only to You. No business, no worries – just gentle and skillful hand movements that restore the strength of Your body.

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procedure body massage restore 45min Recovery in 45 minutes
Features of the massage ” Recovery 45 minutes”
Ideal for residents of a megalopolis who live in an active urban rhythm.. 45 minutes is enough to fill your body and mind with fresh energy.
Easy and effective massage removes excess tension from the body, relaxes the muscles and resets the mind. You will have a rest as it is not always possible for the whole weekend.
The entire body is also being worked out, which is very important for a full reboot. Full and complex effect.
A massage session improves your health. Increases stress resistance. Improves the immune system. The work of the spine and internal organs is normalized.
What you will get from the massageRecovery in 45 minutes in SPA
Anti-stress-removing body clips
Stress and uneven loads (sedentary work) are a constant companion of urban life. The massage will gently release the clamps so that the body is calm and relaxed again, and all the stiffness will disappear without a trace.
Improves blood circulation and energizes
Active blood flow feeds the cells of Your body with oxygen and other substances they need, and the lymph flow carries away excess moisture and waste substances that must be disposed of.

Recovery after loads

Nutrition with the right substances helps the muscles recover from stress and work freely at full strength. Healthy blood circulation is a necessary condition for the proper functioning of all your body’s systems.
Straightening your posture, relaxing pinched muscles and organs
This is a direct beneficial physiological effect of carefully working out the pinched and tired muscles of the body.
spa procedure body massage restore Recovery in 45 minutes

The effect of Active cleansing of the face
Your beauty and health
Massage improves your appearance. The skin becomes taut and fresh. Leaves stagnant moisture, which provokes puffiness and cellulite.
Removes pain and spasms
A large percentage of people who often experience headaches do not even realize that the main cause of these pains is unhealthy neck muscle clamps.
To live comfortably in the here and now
You are calm and relaxed in the “here and now” moment. This alone has a great effect on your peace of mind, helps to let go of stress and stock up on strength for the future.
Relax your mind
It is known that tension in the body gives tension in the mind. Getting rid of tension in the body, you free your mind from the yoke of problems.

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