Recovery in 30 minutes SPA

Active massage of any area of the body for those who are in a hurry. Minimum time spent – but maximum concentration of relaxation and General recovery during this time. Ideal for busy people who live in the rhythm of the metropolis.

Sign up for “Recovery in 30 minutes” – feel the peace and recharge your  batteries in a fast urban rhythm! 30 min.
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What you will get from an Express massage Recovery in 30 minutes

The most important thing is what is so much missing in the city rhythm – peace and calm, the ability to breathe in and out freely, not to think about business, but to completely immerse yourself in the pleasant sensations in the body. Stay here and now-then with new strength and a smile on your face to do everything you need.
General health improvement-traditional massage schools in the East rely on this effect. Undoubtedly, a person who regularly attends massage treatments feels much healthier – and in fact is much healthier, because psychosomatics is real.
Private health effects depending on the area of the body that you prefer to work out. Tired legs? No problem, you can relieve fatigue. Do you feel the clamps in your back? No problem, it’s solvable. Does the neck hurt because of constant sitting at the computer, and the pain gives to the head? It is also easy to solve under the hands of an experienced masseur.
A great treatment for individual use – but also a great treatment for inclusion in a comprehensive SPA treatment program. For example, it perfectly relaxes before more thoughtful and specific procedures of wraps, masks or aromatherapy, adjusts to the desired mood.

How effective is massage Recovery in 30 minutes

There are many different principles for explaining the effects of massage. And often these principles contradict each other. Supporters of traditional schools confidently prove the existence of special energy zones that are connected to each other and somehow affect each other.Recovery in 30 minutes SPA
At the moment, science is looking for, but cannot yet find evidence of the existence of these “special energy zones”. However, this does not change the case. No matter how the ancients explained the healing effect of massage, based on their ancient ideas, the main thing here is that the effect of massage exists.
And by staying within the framework of modern scientific concepts, we can also see the mechanisms by which this works. How relaxation and calming during massage have a beneficial effect on the work of the autonomic nervous system, which controls vital processes in the body.
And of course-the effect of removing the clips on specific muscles with careful and skilful study of them during massage is quite scientifically proven. It also does not require any “secret knowledge of ancient cultures” to understand that this is possible. And just try it to feel this real effect on yourself.

massage face procedure spa Recovery in 30 minutes

How will you feel after the procedure?

Reboot. Here is a great word to describe the feeling of a massage “Recovery in 30 minutes” in a busy urban rhythm.

The world around us hasn’t changed. There are traffic jams, there are gloomy people, there is an imperfect climate and a completely imperfect ecology, there is a list of things that still need to be done. But Your condition has changed.

One of the key causes of cellulite is insufficient activity of lymphatic capillaries, difficult outflow of water with waste substances from the surface tissues of the body.

You look at it differently. You are relaxed and rested-surprisingly, in just 30 minutes you rested as fully as you usually can not rest for a whole weekend.

If the outflow of lymph is insufficient, the water stagnates in the tissues. In addition, they stagnate and all those substances that should have been eliminated from them with the flow of lymph. This causes the effect of cellulite.

And you smile. In those 30 minutes, the world didn’t change. But You feel the power within you – the power to change the world if necessary.

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