Foot massage Reflexology

Gentle training of the foot muscles, inspired by traditional Eastern practices, tested and improved with the help of modern scientific knowledge. Relaxation of the whole body, rebooting of consciousness.

Sign up for a foot massage Reflexology-feel how fatigue goes away under gentle touches!

procedure spa reflexology massage feet foot Massage Reflexology
Relaxation and comfort from foot massage Reflexology
Super-important procedure for models and other girls who have to stand or walk a lot during the day.
Relieves tension from the feet, spreads relaxation and relaxation throughout the body.
Relieves fatigue from hard weeks, restores morale and calmness in the city rhythm.
An excellent starting procedure for the “SPA day”, internally preparing You for complete peace and relaxation of the following procedures.
More than the benefits of foot massage-pure pleasure
This procedure is one of the most effective SPA treatments in terms of impact on the internal state.
It just so happens that careful and skillful action on the feet really gives a feeling of relaxation and comfort.
And our masters know this very well. They are focused not only on relieving tension from the body – but also on making You feel great in the process.
If you are tired and don’t feel comfortable in this big and bustling city, try Reflexology! And that after the procedure, the feeling of peace and comfort will remain with You.
procedure spa feet body woman nature skin foot Massage Reflexology

How foot massage works Reflexology

According to traditional ideas of Oriental massage schools, a person’s foot is a projection of the entire body. And correctly influencing the points located on the foot, you can improve the work of all systems of the human body.
So, according to Chinese ideas, the points on the toes are responsible for the senses and the oral cavity, the center of the foot affects the lungs, cardiovascular system and spine, the rise of the foot-for the digestive organs, the heel – for the genitals.Foot massage Reflexology
You may feel differently about the accuracy of traditional representations. Someone believes in them completely, someone is more skeptical. However, one thing cannot be denied – these ideas are based on thousands of years of experiments and observation of the results.
Regardless of whether these points of Chinese medicine are actually related to specific organ systems, foot massage has always led to an overall improvement in the condition. And this fact is confidently confirmed by modern science.
So the relaxation of the leg muscles, the easy gait, the comfort and feeling of warmth and peace that you experience from the careful care of Your feet is a reality. Touch this reality again.

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