Cosmetics with mucin

As part of Korean cosmetics, you can increasingly find snail mucin. According to the manufacturers, this is a unique ingredient that will give youth and beauty.

Is it worth revealing the secret of the snail, as well as using similar products on your skin?

What is mucin?

This substance is not the snail mucus that the mollusk produces to facilitate movement. This viscous substance appears only in stressful situations. It helps to avoid damage, protects the delicate skin, moisturizes and promotes healing of small wounds. These properties have contributed to the popularity of snail mucin in Korean cosmetics.

Now all the Korean cosmetics snail Achatina. But before that, slime from other mollusks was also used. The magic effect was noticed long ago. Cosmetologists have noticed that snail farm workers have very soft and smooth hands. When studying snail mucin, several groups of vitamins, collagen, valuable acids and a number of minerals were found in the composition.

Effect of mucin on the skin

The positive effect on the skin of snail mucin is explained by the composition. In nature, there are no more products with such a set of substances. The ingredient does not harm even sensitive skin, can be used on absolutely all types.

What is useful for snail mucin:

  • it moisturizes the skin;
  • brightens and treats pigmentation;
  • accelerates the healing of burns
  • smoothes out wrinkles;
  • inhibits age-related changes;
  • heals wounds and cracks;
  • improves cell regeneration;
  • fights inflammation, acne, and acne.

The appearance of snail mucin in cosmetology was not spontaneous. Koreans used slime at home, it was used in Asian beauty salons. But some cosmetologists still do not believe in the miraculous power of an unusual product.

Important! Allergy to snail mucin is rare. But it can occur on minor components of a cosmetic product or a base. Therefore, a sensitivity test is recommended before use.

How to use it

Snail mucin is always added to cosmetics in proportion to other components. Mucus is never used in its pure form. You can’t find the ingredient on sale. It is extracted on snail farms, immediately Packed in sterile containers, and sent to cosmetic enterprises.

To get the maximum benefit from cosmetic products, it is important to use mucin for the skin of the face strictly according to the instructions.

Popular products with mucin

At the moment, Korean brands offer a wide range of cosmetics with mucin. And on the packaging of each product, wonderful properties are colorfully painted. But they should never encourage you to buy all the jars in a row. It is important to choose the right products that a person will use.

The most common types of snail cosmetics:

Creams. They moisturize, nourish, lighten, can be designed for a certain type of skin or suitable for everyone. Used for daily care. Popular creams with mucin:

Wrinkle Snail System Cream. Gentle caring anti-aging cream based on snail mucin smoothes wrinkles, gently heals the dermis, even after various interventions and surgical injuries. Thanks to its rich mucin composition (92%), the product allows you to make the skin surface structure and tone smoother, while also treating existing acne problems and clearing the pores.

Elizavecca Glutinous Mask 80% Snail Cream. The product contains 80% snail mucin, which helps restore damaged skin and synthesize new connective tissues. Another amazing property of snail slime is the ability to disinfect the skin surface, “gluing” bacteria together and neutralizing their viability and penetration into the skin.

Deoproce Snail Recovery Cream. Premium restoring cream with snail mucin, created to give the skin perfection. Results after using the cream: deep hydration and nutrition of the skin, significant reduction of facial wrinkles, lightening of pigmentation and an even complexion without redness.

Face masks with snail mucin. They are secondary care, act on a specific problem, can be used up to 4 times a week, more often 2. Effective face masks with mucin:

FarmStay 24K Gold Snail Peel Off Pack. Mask-film with 24-Karat gold and snail mucin for effective skin renewal. Narrows the pores, clearing them of sebum and dirt, evens out the skin tone and relief, fights black spots.
24-Karat gold is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps remove toxins from the skin. Snail mucin provides skin regeneration, restores its smoothness and radiance. Horse chestnut extract strengthens blood vessels.

The Saem Pure Natural Mask Sheet Snail Brightening. Contains snail mucin filtrate (10000 mg), cabbage extract, freesia extract, Lotus extract, licorice extract, lemongrass extract, ginger extract, green tea extract, etc. The mask helps to restore damaged areas of the skin, improves turgor and skin tone, gives it a clean, healthy tone.

Patches. They perfectly remove bags, dark rings under the eyes to reduce the appearance of age and wrinkles. Effective patches with snail mucin.

L’Sanic Collagen And Black Snail Premium Eye Patch. Hydrogel patches are infused with a highly concentrated serum that stimulates skin regeneration and increases its elasticity. Black snail mucin deeply nourishes the skin and effectively renews it. Collagen restores skin elasticity and smoothness, reduces facial wrinkles.

The Saem Gold Snail Eye Gel Patch Set. Hydrogel patches with snail mucin extract and colloidal gold rejuvenate the skin, tighten it and make it elastic, smooth out wrinkles, lighten dark circles and reduce bags under the eyes.

Eyenlip Black Snail Slime Eye Patch. The key component of the patches is black Iberian snail mucin, which has an even more pronounced anti-aging effect on fading skin compared to regular mucin. It acts at the cellular level, stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, which promote the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which leads to intensive saturation of the skin with moisture, increases its elasticity, helps smooth out wrinkles and lighten pigmentation.

Hair cosmetics. We have it less popular than products for the face. But masks, serums, shampoos have become actively used to restore damaged hair, treat hair loss.

Hair products with snail mucin.

La’Dor Keratin Power Glue. Express-a tool for gluing split ends of hair. It contains hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed keratin, Moringa oil, and snail mucin. The product contains 80% hydrolyzed (i.e. easily digested) collagen. Serum-glue for split ends. Restores split ends by sealing them at the ends.

Ayoume Black Snail Prestige Shampoo. Excellent cleansing of the scalp and hair, nutrition, hydration, and recovery provides shampoo with black snail mucin. Shampoo removes dirt, excess sebum, exfoliates dead cells, relieves itching, irritation, peeling. Black snail mucin effectively nourishes, moisturizes, softens and soothes the scalp, helps to get rid of dandruff. Strengthens hair follicles, restores damaged hair, helps to cope with their fragility and loss.

Anti-aging cosmetics. The best creams, serums, skin masks 40+. Sometimes the package is marked 45+ or even more. In any case, for Mature skin needs high-quality care.

Popular anti-aging cosmetics with mucin.

FarmStay Escargot Noblesse Intensive Ampoule. Thanks to the active component-the enzyme of snail mucus-the epithelium is regenerated and rejuvenated, turgor increases and high-quality hydration occurs. After prolonged use, the surface of the dermis becomes lighter, the tone evens out, and the effects of post-acne and pigmentation become almost invisible.

Eunyul Snail Special Program Eye Cream. Cream with snail mucin is designed to care for the skin around the eyes. The cream with snail mucus contains all the necessary components, without which the skin fades faster. Collagen and elastin help to maintain the elasticity and tone of the skin, making it more elastic and taut. Allantoin has a regenerating effect and accelerates skin recovery.

FarmStay Escargot Noblesse Intensive Cream. Snail mucus extract is a powerful substance for rejuvenation and improving the tone of the dermis. In the cream, it is present in a concentrated form, so the result of using it becomes noticeable in the shortest possible time. The king snail, whose enzyme is used in the cream, is grown in ecologically clean places. Its mucin has a strong regenerating property, smoothes wrinkles and suspends age-related changes in facial tissues.

Secret Key Snail Repairing Essence. Concentrated snail essence is an effective tool for skin rejuvenation. At the same time, the essence works both in the deep layers of the skin, rejuvenating it at the cellular level, and helps to improve the appearance of the skin. The regenerating essence contains snail mucin, which contains vitamins and amino acids, collagen and elastin, allantoin, chitosan and glycolic acid.

Deoproce Whitening And Anti-Wrinkle Snail Eye Cream. Created on the basis of snail extract, designed for regenerating skin care, revitalizes and rejuvenates it, helps to cope with pigmentation and wrinkles.

Creams, serums and other products with snail mucin should be selected based on skin type, age characteristics, and personal preferences. If a product with a popular slime from one manufacturer did not fit, then an analog from another brand can cause complete delight. You need to try!

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